The working language is generally English. It can also be Romanian or Spanish.
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The Public Speaking Academy

All beginnings are crucial for the end result of our actions. Every time you consider delivering a speech, a pitch or sharing an anecdote, you mightbe at a loss for words, or overthinking how to begin. With this very first step, I aim to help you unleash your creativity and bring out the ingredients for crafting a solid foundation for your speech!
Think back of all the memorable speeches you´ve ever heard. All of them have a special story line that captivated the audience. Immersive narratives, conversation starting ideas and maximum impact can be achieved only by becoming a very good story teller!
From the infamous `elevator pitch` to the terrifying PhD thesis defense, corporate presentation, and even government proposal, the range of presentation styles is terrifying and can be overwhelming to even consider. However, a versatile speaker, a well rounded speaker, is aware and well seasoned in a variety of presentation styles.
To have the ability to stand in front of an audience and deliver a speech, is not a given. For mastering stage presence and owning the space, a new skill level is a must. Get control over your stage freight, performance anxiety and all other hindrances!
Unaware of how often we actually pitch in our daily lives from the very start, this incursion into the world of business takes you through another level of word craftsmanship with a very specific goal. Learn to be persuasive!
There are a couple of well chosen ingredients to complement your personality with mastering the art of public speaking. This final chapter gives you the toolkit full of tips and tricks on how to take your public speaking game to the ultimate level. The world is your stage!
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Psychological Support

IOPT – stands for Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy – a new working frame in dealing with psychological trauma that has been developed by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert from Munich for the past 25 years.

Through my IOPT work I offer support to people with a traumatic biography who want to understand how personal and trans-generational trauma has influenced their identity.

Integrating into the Dutch culture and society can be a difficult transition. Having the expat experience myself, I help people from diverse multicultural backgrounds to ease into this new life chapter called “Maastricht”.
This service is ranging from relationship difficulties, to couples therapy, eating disorders to addictions and managing a mental health disorder to grief counselling. We can identify the type of therapy needed in an assessment meeting, which you can book through the contact page.


Enabling people to discipline their resources for achieving their goals, overcoming excessive stress and burnout symptoms, and optimising their performance by maximizing their potential.
Empowering people to make healthier lifestyle choices, integrate big changes in their lives and overcome daily challenges.
Engaging in a process of discovering the personal and professional competencies, work capabilities and creating effective strategies for tackling the job market. This service can also include a resume (C.V.) analysis, LinkedIn optimization and cover letter feedback.


Being the core of every good business and a good tool for all aspiring entrepreneurs, networking as a concept is widespread but the practice of it still eludes some.

Through this pro-active workshop, participants gain invaluable networking etiquette and skills.

From academic presentations to pitch competitions and corporate reports, this workshop can be tailored to cover the basics of public speaking and delivering an excellent presentation.

I bring my expertise as a former Toastmasters member and a former member of the TedX Maastricht speakers coach & liaison to clients who wish to develop themselves in the area of public speaking.

This workshops addresses the needs of both established entrepreneurs and people who are contemplating entrepreneurial pursuits.

Having a dynamic structure, this workshop offers participants a new perspective on their own mindset along with the tips, tricks and tools of the trade.

Based on duration, number of participants and available budget, all workshops and other new themes can be designed to fulfil the needs of your group or organization.