My business is located in the city center of Maastricht. For clients that reside outside the area or even the country, I also work via Skype sessions.
You can reach out to me through any of the channels on my contact page.

We will first set up what I call “an assessment meeting” – this meeting has a fixed price of €85 and can last up to 45 minutes. This way both of us have a chance to decide if there is a working compatibility between us. This meeting carries no obligation on your behalf to contract me.

During this meeting which takes place in a casual setting over a nice cup of coffee, we will get to know each other and the working style I practice. After this meeting takes place, I will send you a contract with the details we have established during the assessment. From the moment we both sign the contract, you will become my client! 🙂

Every client is unique, and every working process is designed to fit their specific needs. Therefore, it is really hard to estimate how long a working process can last. My clients are the ones that decide how often they want to meet, and for how long they want to work on themselves. The ending of a contract comes naturally, by mutual agreement.
Based on your financial situation and the estimated working time which we discuss during the assessment meeting, there are several options for my fees. Some clients prefer to pay each session either in cash or by bank transfer at the end of every session. Other clients prefer to pay once a month via bank transfer. Under special circumstances, more flexibility can be negotiated, based on your current needs/difficulties.
It depends on which type of service you contract me for, and of course it depends on which company you chose for your health plan. The easiest way is to call your insurance company and ask them directly details about this, ideally after our assessment meeting during which we have decided that we would like to work together.